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The ELAND Tecra Space Raise: Here’s What You Need To Know

The Tecra Space fundraising campaign is an opportunity to become an early player in Etherland’s mission to drive the web3 real-estate revolution.

Etherland aims to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to the real estate industry. The team and community seek to streamline processes, improve security, and create a more efficient marketplace for everyone involved in property transactions. To accelerate its growth, Etherland will be launching a fundraising campaign on Tecra Space, a blockchain-based investment platform on April 9.

This blog post will provide a clear overview of Etherland, its technology, value propositions, and the details of the Tecra Space campaign. If you’re interested in the potential of blockchain to transform real estate, keep reading!

Understanding Etherland and Its Mission

Etherland isn’t just another blockchain buzzword project.

The company has a clear mission to address the very real problems faced by the global real estate industry. Processes are often slow, document management can be cumbersome, and security remains a constant concern. Etherland’s solutions aim to change this.

Etherland’s existing product, ProApp, leverages blockchain technology and decentralized identifiers to streamline how sensitive property documents are stored and shared. This offers better security and reduces the potential for fraud and errors.

How ProApp Works

  • Property Tokenization: ProApp allows for the creation of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) linked to the Decentralized Identity (DID) of the property owner. This creates a secure digital representation of ownership on the blockchain.
  • Secure Document Storage: Documents related to a property are separated into Public and Private folders within ProApp. Access rights to these folders and individual files can be granted to specific external REFS devices.
  • Easy Access and Sharing: REFS devices provide authorized users with daily access to their documents directly from their smartphones with easy and secure sharing capabilities.
  • Quantum-Proof Security: ProApp’s architecture is designed to be quantum-proof, providing the highest level of security for your sensitive real estate data.

Etherland’s ProApp lays the groundwork for transformative solutions in the traditional real estate industry and the preservation of cultural heritage. Here’s how the Tecra Space fundraising will power this dual-track expansion:

B2B Growth: The funds raised will accelerate the development of Etherland’s core technology. This includes secure document management, streamlined workflows, and the tools needed to integrate with existing real estate platforms. Etherland aims to provide tangible efficiency gains, enhanced security, and cost savings for real estate professionals across the globe.

B2C Growth With The Estatepedia: The Estatepedia is Etherland’s vision for a decentralized, blockchain-powered repository for the human heritage. LANDID NFTs become the building blocks, keeping track of historical data, images, and even 3D models of landmarks. The fundraising campaign is essential for developing the secure infrastructure, community management tools, and the ability to handle vast amounts of diverse data associated with these NFT records.

Why Tecra Space? A Platform for Blockchain-Powered Innovation

Tecra Space is a specialized fundraising platform focused on supporting early-stage blockchain projects. It operates on the principle that companies should be able to raise capital without sacrificing ownership or equity in their company. This aligns with Etherland’s ambition to retain control of its technology while gaining access to funding and a community of investors interested in the potential of blockchain-based solutions. 

Tecra Space provides a way for investors to support promising projects while potentially benefiting from the tokens issued by those projects. Here’s why Tecra Space offers a unique opportunity for investors:

  • Early Access: Tecra Space campaigns allow you to invest in companies with innovative technology before widespread adoption occurs.
  • Potential for Returns: If the project you invest in gains traction, the value of its tokens could increase, offering potential returns on your investment.
  • Fiat Option: Tecra allows users to contribute to campaigns using fiat currencies including USD and EUR. 
  • Supporting Innovation: Investing through Tecra Space allows you to support the development of blockchain solutions that might disrupt traditional industries, creating the potential for real-world impact.

The Tecra Space fundraising model aligns perfectly with Etherland’s goals. The platform allows Etherland to raise the capital needed for expansion without giving up any ownership or control over its technology. 

Additionally, Tecra Space attracts a community of investors familiar with blockchain technology and eager to support innovative projects with real-world applications. This combination ensures that Etherland can drive innovation with the necessary resources while remaining in full control of its future and giving the community an opportunity to play a direct role in the project’s development. 

How To Join The Etherland Revolution on Tecra Space

Investing in Etherland’s Tecra Space campaign is straightforward. Here’s how:

  1. Create an Account: Visit the Tecra Space website and create a free account.
  2. Fund Your Wallet: Choose your preferred method to deposit funds, such as bank transfer, PayPal, debit/credit cards, or cryptocurrency.
  3. Find Etherland: Once the campaign is live browse active campaigns on Tecra Space and select the Etherland project page.
  4. Choose Your Investment: Etherland offers various investment tiers with different rewards. Review these tiers carefully before proceeding. 
  5. Invest: Select your desired investment amount and complete the transaction using your Tecra Space wallet balance.

Etherland Tecra Space Investment Tiers

Tecra Space investment tiers are divided into four categories
Tecra Space investment tiers are divided into four categories.

Rewards and Benefits Explained

Etherland’s investment tiers offer exciting rewards beyond supporting the project’s development. Here’s a closer look:

NFT Investment Certificates: Each tier includes a unique NFT investment certificate. These NFTs provide tangible benefits like:

  • Special status within Etherland’s social communities.
  • Access to exclusive social media channels on platforms such as Discord and Telegram. 
  • Voting rights within the Etherland DAO, with higher tiers granting greater influence.
  • Special Live NFT visuals representing various Human Civilization development stages.

Top 15 Investor Privileges: The 15 largest investors receive exclusive access to select their reward from a pool of highly desirable NFTs, including:

  • Top-tier LANDAO NFTs, offering substantial voting power within the project
  • Rare NFTs from the exclusive “Lost World” collection.

NFT Lottery: Every investor, regardless of their chosen tier, is entered into a lottery with the chance to win valuable NFTs. Prizes include:

  • LANDID minting rights, supporting heritage preservation efforts.
  • Exclusive, unreleased LANDIDs.
  • LANDAO NFTs, for increased governance rights.
  • Other rare and unique NFTs.

Etherland NFTs go beyond mere collectibles. They offer tangible benefits within the Etherland ecosystem. For example, LANDAO and LANDID NFTs grant voting rights within the Etherland DAO, empowering you to shape the project’s direction. Additionally, some NFT dynamics will offer staking and airdrop opportunities. 

Estatepedia: Proven Success in the NFT Market

Etherland’s commitment to innovation extends beyond its current solutions. The team launched an NFT collection of 326 landmarks on OpenSea as part of the Estatepedia project, which seeks to use blockchain technology to protect heritage sites. The collection has a floor price of over 1 ETH ($3,000), and some sales have exceeded $10,000, demonstrating the potential value within their blockchain-powered real estate solutions.

The NFTs are linked to real-world locations and aim to contribute to the preservation of humanity’s most important landmarks, including The Great Wall of China and the Eiffel Tower. These NFTs grant owners control over their tokens’ associated information, showcasing the possibilities of Etherland’s vision for a real estate metaverse. This success underscores the demand for Etherland’s innovations and the potential of NFTs minted within the ecosystem. 

Final Thoughts on Etherland and Tecra Space

Etherland’s vision of a more efficient and accessible real estate market has the potential to revolutionize the industry. The Tecra Space campaign, which will go live on April 9, offers an opportunity to support this innovation and benefit from the team’s investments to expand Etherland’s utility in B2B real-estate and Estatepedia solutions. To learn more and participate in the funding round, keep your eye out for when we officially drop the tecra page link. In the meantime, connect with the project’s community on Telegram, Discord, and X.

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