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The ELAND Tecra Space Perks: An In-Depth Guide

The ELAND Tecra Space Perks An In-Depth Guide
ELAND’s Tecra Space perks include NFTs of global landmarks, exclusive access to airdrops and voting rights in the DAO.

Etherland, a blockchain-powered project revolutionizing the real estate sector and safeguarding cultural heritage, has launched a highly anticipated Tecra Space funding campaign. This crucial initiative aims to accelerate the development of Etherland’s B2B/B2C solutions and expand the Estatepedia project. Tecra Space participation offers not just the potential for supporting this technological innovation but also unlocks a variety of exclusive perks and benefits within the growing Etherland ecosystem.

NFT Investment Certificates: Your Key to the Etherland Community

The Tecra Space campaign offers a tiered investment structure, with each tier granting you a unique NFT investment certificate. These NFTs aren’t just a receipt; they function as your key to exclusive benefits within the Etherland ecosystem. 

Bronze Certificate (Investment: $100 – $249)

This entry point welcomes you to the Etherland community. Your “Bronze Investor” status is displayed on Discord and Telegram, and your support is acknowledged.

Silver Certificate (Investment: $250 – $499)

Building on the Bronze tier, you gain access to a private investor chat channel, which fosters direct communication with the Etherland team and a sense of community. Your “Silver Investor” status is also recognized on social media platforms.

Gold Certificate (Investment: $500 – $1499)

This tier unlocks significant influence within the Etherland DAO. Your “Gold Investor” status is recognized across social media, and you gain access to a private investor chat channel. Most importantly, you receive “Gold Vote Power” within the DAO, empowering you to participate in crucial decisions about the project’s roadmap and resource allocation.

Platinum, Diamond, and Master

Higher-level investment tiers, such as Platinum, Diamond, and Master, offer escalating benefits. These include increasing DAO voting power, exclusive rewards like HoloFans for 3D NFT visualization, and custom NFT minting rights.

Imagine being a Diamond Certificate holder with a passion for cultural preservation. Your significant DAO voting power allows you to advocate for expanding the Estatepedia project and adding new historical sites. Additionally, your exclusive rewards might include minting rights for a custom LANDID NFT representing a landmark important to you.

The Tecra Space NFT Lottery: Exciting Rewards

The Tecra Space campaign features a thrilling NFT lottery, offering all participants a chance to win valuable prizes that further enrich their experience within the Etherland ecosystem.

How it Works

  • Each investment tier grants you lottery tickets. The higher your tier, the more tickets you receive, increasing your chances of winning.
  • For example, investing in the Bronze pack earns you one ticket, while the Master pack grants you ten.
  • At the campaign’s conclusion, a randomized drawing determines the winners.

Potential Rewards

The lottery prize pool is filled with highly desirable NFTs:

  • LANDID Minting Rights: Become a digital conservator. Secure the right to mint LANDID NFTs representing historical landmarks and sites on the Estatepedia platform.
  • Exclusive LANDAO NFTs: Gain enhanced governance rights within the Etherland DAO. These NFTs carry significant voting power, further increasing your ability to shape the project’s direction.
  • Rare Lost World NFTs: Add these exceptionally valuable collectibles to your NFT portfolio.
  • Custom LANDID NFT: Design a personalized LANDID NFT, immortalizing a location or historical figure that holds significance for you.

The Tecra Space NFT lottery adds an element of excitement and anticipation. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the Etherland community, everyone gets the chance to unlock unique and potentially valuable digital assets. These NFT collections will build on the already successful Estatepedia NFT collection, which has seen major sales worth over $10,000 and a steady floor price of $3,000. 

Exclusive Rewards for Top 15 Tecra Space Participants 

The Tecra Space campaign recognizes and rewards its most dedicated supporters. The top 15 investors have the privilege of securing exceptionally rare and powerful NFTs, offering unparalleled value and influence within the Etherland ecosystem.

  • LANDAO NFTs (Top 10 Voting Power): Obtain LANDAO NFTs with the highest levels of voting rights within the DAO. These holders wield substantial influence over project development and resource allocation.
  • Unique Lost World NFTs: Choose from a select collection of coveted, one-of-a-kind Lost World NFTs.
  • Immersive 3D Experience (Master and Top 15 Tiers): Receive a cutting-edge HoloFan device pre-loaded with stunning 3D models of all Lost World NFTs, allowing for unparalleled visual exploration of these digital treasures.

These exclusive rewards underscore Etherland’s commitment to rewarding its most passionate supporters with the most in-demand NFTs and leading roles in the Etherland DAO. 

The leading 15 Tecra Space participants will earn NFTs, giving them a special position in the Etherland DAO.
The leading 15 Tecra Space participants will earn NFTs, giving them a special position in the Etherland DAO.

Etherland: Community Governance through the DAO

Etherland firmly believes in the power of its community as the driving force behind the project’s evolution. At the heart of this philosophy lies a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). 

This DAO empowers every participant to play an active role in shaping the future of Etherland’s B2C platforms and overall project direction. The power of your vote is directly proportional to your holdings of Etherland ecosystem assets like NFTs (LANDID, LANDAO), ELAND tokens, and Investment Certificates.

How the Etherland DAO Works

  • Idea Generation: The process begins with the community. Anyone can submit “Early Stage Proposals” for improvements or visions for Etherland’s future on Discord, where they can be discussed and receive support through traditional voting.
  • Formal Proposals: The most popular suggestions advance to the DAO platform, where they are formalized and put to a vote among Etherland asset holders.
  • Community-Driven Decisions: The proposals with the strongest support are implemented, ensuring Etherland’s development aligns with the collective desires of its users.

Etherland’s DAO purposefully grants NFTs, particularly LANDID and LANDAO NFTs, greater voting power than ELAND tokens alone. This reinforces the utility and value of these NFTs, incentivizes their trade, and enhances their overall worth.

Beyond the Basics: Additional Perks to Consider

The Tecra Space campaign’s core benefits, like NFT investment certificates and the lottery, offer a foundation of value. However, Etherland strives to continually enhance its ecosystem with additional perks that reward commitment and showcase the project’s potential. 

Investors might receive staking credits if specific milestones are reached during the campaign. These allow for participation in Etherland’s staking system, potentially unlocking further rewards.

Additionally, exclusive Etherland merchandise (sweatshirts, t-shirts) linked to unique NFTs might be offered. These collectibles demonstrate your support while offering digital ownership. 

Finally, Etherland’s commitment to its community means additional perks might become available through special events or to recognize active participants. These additional benefits add another layer of excitement and engagement, providing a multifaceted way to experience the Etherland ecosystem.

Final Thoughts on The ELAND Tecra Space Perks 

The Tecra Space campaign offers a unique opportunity to support cutting-edge blockchain innovation and become an active participant in shaping a future where real estate processes are streamlined, cultural heritage is preserved, and communities have a powerful voice. The diverse perks, ranging from exclusive NFT investment certificates to the opportunity to shape the project through the DAO, ensure that the Tecra Space participants will be at the center of Etherland’s future success story.
To stay updated on the latest campaign developments and connect with the growing Etherland community, be sure to follow the project on X, Discord, and Telegram.

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