Join the Etherland Revolution

Seize the opportunity to be part of transforming real estate and cultural heritage preservation with blockchain technology. Participate in the Etherland Tecra Raise and help shape the future of this innovative project.

Important Note: Remember, the Etherland Tecra Raise has a limited time window, so be sure to check the campaign page for the official start and end dates.

Investment Tiers: Unlock Exclusive Benefits

The Etherland Tecra Raise offers a range of investment tiers, each granting you a unique NFT investment certificate. These distinctive NFTs provide escalating benefits within the Etherland ecosystem. Refer to the table below for a full breakdown of reward tier offerings.

NFT Lottery Details

The lottery at the end of the campaign will award prizes like LANDID minting rights, LANDAO NFTs for enhanced governance, and more. The more lottery tickets you have, the greater your chance of winning.

nft lottery details

The Value of Etherland NFTs

Etherland NFTs offer tangible benefits and real-world utility:


LANDAO and LANDID NFTs grant voting power in the DAO.

Staking Rewards

Potential for earning staking rewards.

Exclusive Access

Early access to new features and airdrops.

Solid Track Record

Proven value with past collections, maintaining a strong floor price above ETH 1 ($3,500).

Shape the Future of Real Estate: DAO Voting Power with NFTs

Etherland is a community-driven project, and your investment unlocks a powerful voice through the Etherland DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Each NFT investment certificate grants voting rights within the DAO, giving you a say in shaping the project’s future direction.

The DAO empowers you to participate in crucial decisions, such as:

  • Feature Development: Vote on new features and functionalities for the Etherland platform (ProApp, Estatepedia).
  • Ecosystem Growth: Help determine how to expand the Etherland ecosystem and partnerships.
  • Resource Allocation: Contribute to how funds are allocated to drive project development and initiatives.

Participating in the DAO makes you an active stakeholder, ensuring Etherland’s growth aligns with the community’s vision.

Use of Funds: Fueling Innovation and Growth

Your participation in the Etherland Tecra Raise will directly accelerate the development of its blockchain-based solutions, driving innovation in the real estate industry and beyond. Here’s how the funds will be allocated:

Accelerating B2B Development

  • ProApp Enhancements: Expanding the ProApp’s features with powerful tools for property valuation, market analysis, and streamlined processes designed specifically for real estate professionals.
  • New B2B Solutions: Developing tailored tools and platforms to address specific pain points for institutions and large-scale property management.

Expanding Estatepedia's Reach

  • Growing B2B and B2C Market: Increasing the number of B2B and B2C customers leveraging Etherland and the $ELAND token.
  • Preserving More Sites: Scaling Estatepedia to safeguard a greater number of historical landmarks and cultural sites worldwide.
  • Immersive Experiences: Developing features to integrate 3D models, virtual tours, and interactive experiences, enhancing engagement with our shared heritage.

Growing the Community & Ecosystem

  • Strategic Marketing: Reaching new audiences, attracting users to Etherland’s platforms, and building a vibrant community.
  • Partnerships: Establishing collaborations with key players in the real estate and cultural heritage sectors to drive adoption and innovation.


While Etherland recognizes the potential of blockchain for asset tokenization, its primary focus is on streamlining real estate processes and securing data through innovative documentation solutions.

Estatepedia utilizes NFTs to create digital representations of historical landmarks and sites. These NFTs store information like images and documents related to real-world landmarks and preserve them on-chain.

Yes. The Tecra Space platform supports deposits using cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies like USD and EUR, making the Etherland Raise accessible to a wider range of investors.