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Welcome to Etherland. Join the ecosystem and participate in building real estate’s most transparent and secure data register.

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Save AND CERTIFY your Real Estate's DATA

Every place on Earth is unique. We understand that and offer different yet similar services to each. Our main goal is to preserve and certify data, from legal or business-related documents to historical information on actual Landmarks or even Lost Monuments.

The Estatepedia encompasses those objectives and unites them in one place: an actual Encyclopedia. Using IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) and Ethereum Blockchain in combination, the Estatepedia can maintain and securely store a wide range of data from any real estate while granting ever-lasting traceability.

Soon, you will be able to secure your own real estates from our Partner Agencies or through our Tokenization Teams. Meanwhile, you can explore the Estatepedia to learn more about our World’s Landmarks and stay on the lookout for our firsts Residential, Commercial, or Industrial tokenizations.

Register LANDCERTs, Collect and Trade LANDIDs.

If upon verification of the legal information you provided, you are the actual owner of the real estate you want to digitalize; your tokenization request will be accepted, and you will receive your LANDCERT token bound to your Public and Private folders. Otherwise, if you register a Landmark that is not yet in the Estatepedia, and upon validation of the information and content you provided, you will receive a LANDID token bound only to its Public folder, and Estatepedia page; you are now free to keep it in your collection or exchange it on the marketplace.

Create a Non-Fungible Token

of your home, farmland, business, or favorite place in the World.

Become a digital landowner

of any famous place on Earth and connect with other owners to create one of the largest communities in the digital market.