Connecting Blockchain to Global Real Estate

Welcome to the Estatepedia built, owned and managed by the people, on an immutable Blockchain protocol. Get rewarded for creating and staking digital assets representing real-world places.

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The Etherland Estatepedia displays curated wiki content, real estate data, images, videos, map localization, and blockchain identification solutions for real estate and specific places in the World.

Users owning the underlying LAND ID token can create, upload, share, and store real estate data (images, pdf files, legal documents, products, videos, cadaster, location) on the unique and newly created Estatepedia profile pages.

The Estatepedia is using IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) and Ethereum Blockchain as a decentralized way of storing and exchanging information.

You are free to own and exchange Land Identification tokens on our World Metaverse

Suppose you are the actual owner of the real estate you want to digitalize, and upon verification of the legal information you provided. In that case, your newly created LAND ID will receive the “Verified” status. As more countries accept blockchain as legal proof, verifying your real estate ownership and storing on-chain will add an extra layer of security to your rights.

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of your home, farmland, business, or your favorite place in the World.

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of any famous place on Earth and connect with other owners to create one of the largest communities in the digital market.

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Use your mobile phone to take pictures and create an NFT of a place in the World

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