Welcome to Etherland AR mobile App application and catch NFTs with your phone!

Some NFT tokens are unique and special and deserve to be held by users who take on a journey to catch it on its location. Etherland AR mobile app will enable users to catch and get LAND ID Tokens in their wallet.  A few of Etherland’s NFT of places are FREE and hidden on the World Metaverse map. Check your application regularly and social media to get those digital treasures. When you locate one of those gems, just go to that precise location, open the Augmented Reality mode and tap the coin to collect it!


The mobile app using augmented reality technology has been  released in April 2021 and the first offers will appear on 15th April. Meanwhile, you may already download the application to be one of the first lucky players to get one of the limited amount of free LAND IDs displayed at launch on the World Metaverse to catch!

Join the Real Estate Digital Revolution!

Available Now on Google Play!

...And Coming Soon on App Store

Enter the Etherland with your Mobile

You are now about to join Etherland, the World’s unique metaverse giving you access to virtual land NFTs on the Etherland’s Metaverse, Powered by blockchain technology and built on IPFS network.

You are now about to travel the world directly from your phone and become the true holder of digital assets of your favourite places in the world.

We will guide you through this world exploration when the app will release in April 2021. Register to prepare for your journey!

Create a LAND ID

Create your customized LAND ID Token and Catch the AR of your Token at Home!

You have checked on the Etherland World Metaverse and the NFT of your dream doesn’t exist yet. You love this place and you think it deserves to get more presence on the web or you are the real owner and want to digitalise that property to benefit from traceability, an extra layer of ownership proof, or you just want to speculate on the future prices of NFTs? All reasons are good to tokenise places. Fill in the Etherland form with the information required and your LAND ID Token will be processed and the AR sent directly to your location!